CFL1 Trainer -
USAWL Sports Performance

Kyle holds a CFL1 Trainer certification and is a USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach at CFLE. He has competed in the CrossFit Open, Independence Games, Babes and Bros competition, and the GR Games at 8th Day.


As a coach, Kyle loves getting to know people strengths, their weaknesses, their goals, and what motivates them. He love seeing people break down barriers with hard work and dedication. He loves being able to share the knowledge and experience he has, knowing their success at CFLE will translate into success elsewhere in their life.


What do you love about CrossFit?

“I love the people. I love the support of the community. I love that CF can make you feel like you are the strongest person in the world one day and then beat you down to a humble puddle the next…but fighting back from those tough days is where CF makes you grow as a person.”


Favorite Movements: Barbell work is fun. Pull-ups make me feel like a spider monkey. Handstand push-up are a challenge but fun and I always look for an opportunity to walk on my hands.


Favorite WOD: Shorter couplets or triplets with a barbell.


Least favorite WOD: Burpees, running, thrusters, or any combination of those and I might just go home.


Age: 30


Anything else you’d like the CFLE family to know?:


I’m married to a wonderful lady, Kylee, who puts up with my CF habits.
I’m a dad of two kids. Zoe and Baby Z due in April.
I am a high school earth science teacher at Hudsonville Public.
The 5:45 class are my people…special people…but my people.
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