Our community strives to be stronger, healthier, and supportive each and every day.


CrossFit Lake Effect is a fitness coaching facility of over 6,000 square feet located in Holland, Michigan.  We offer group classes as well as individual coaching.  At CrossFit Lake Effect we believe fitness is a lifestyle and are proud to integrate new members into the CrossFit community.  Everyone is welcome in our community and we look forward to helping you feel stronger and more confident!



Our facility is equipped with state of the art CrossFit equipment as well as showers and changing areas.


Our workouts are intense and constantly changing.  You can expect to push, pull, squat, lift, and run, all the while improving stamina, strength, power, speed, and agility.


Who are our members?

  • Athletes looking to improve performance in other sports
  • Individuals looking for more interesting fitness than their global gym
  • Professionals looking to challenge themselves
  • Business executives pushing themselves to past their plateaus
  • Stay at home moms with a passion for fitness


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