Happy New Year to the CFLE Community,

First let me say that I believe that the windshield is bigger than the rear-view mirror. That is to say that you should focus on what is ahead of you more than what is behind you. However at the end of the year it is good to look back and see what one has accomplished. In our first year we have accomplished a great deal. We opened in April and have met a lot of wonderful people in the short time frame. Our community rose over a $1000 for “Wish for Our Heroes” in May. We had men’s and women’s teams compete in the 8th Day games. One of the great things we can say about our teams is that, “They did it right”. This has a lot of meanings to me. Not only did they put in 100%+ effort. They executed with proper form, they encouraged fellow competitors, individuals picked up when others needed a break, and both finished in the top 5. They made all of us proud. We have grown to over 50 members. We have had members lose significant amounts of weight. But one of the best things we have heard from our community is that they are happy with the way they look, that their clothes fit better. It is great to see so many people building each other up. Rising tides lift all boats. Many accomplished their goals; First Pull Up, First Muscle Up, and many other PR’s. Everyone improved in their general physical preparedness (GPP). All things to be proud of as you look back on the year. We have had some great coaches helping us along the way. Peter, Eddie, Paula, and Danielle put a lot of time and effort into helping everyone improve. We would not be where we are at today without them.

Now to looking at 2014, only you can set your goals. The community can help you achieve them. We look forward to helping everyone exceed their fitness goals in 2014.

Best Wishes,

Paul & Kendall